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Global Low Temperature Sterilization Market: Industry Analysis & Outlook (2018-2022)

Date: 24, February 2018 | Pages: 78 | Price : $800 | Format : Pdf

Sterilization refers to the process of removing micro-organisms and other pathogens from an object or surface with the help of chemical and radiation treatments or subjecting the object to high heat. Sterilization of medic ..

Global Endometriosis Market: Industry Analysis & Outlook (2018-2025)

Date: 17, February 2018 | Pages: 67 | Price : $600 | Format : Pdf

Endometriosis is a chronic condition which leads to severe symptoms if not diagnosed or treated on time. Cells, similar to the line of uterus known as endometrium start growing on the exteriors of uterus like fallopian tub ..

Global PARP (Poly ADP-Ribose Polymerase) Inhibitor Market: Industry Analysis & Outlook (2018-2025)

Date: 7, February 2018 | Pages: 80 | Price : $800 | Format : Pdf

PARP means poly (adenosine diphosphate [ADP] -ribose) polymerase. It is a family of 17 enzymes that combine several (poly) units of ADP-ribose in a chain (the PAR chain) and transfers them to the target proteins. This help ..

US Ambulatory Electrocardiography (ECG) Market: Industry Analysis & Outlook (2018-2022)

Date: 5, February 2018 | Pages: 77 | Price : $800 | Format : Pdf

The ambulatory ECG records the electrical activity of heart while walking (ambulatory) and doing normal activities. In contrast to the usual 12 lead ECG, where the heart’s electrical signals are captured for only a f ..

Global Pneumonia Market: Industry Analysis & Outlook (2018-2025)

Date: 27, January 2018 | Pages: 68 | Price : $800 | Format : Pdf

Pneumonia is a lung infection that causes inflammatory condition in one or both lungs. It affects small air sacs known as alveoli by filing them with fluid or pus, making a person difficult to breathe. It can be classified ..

Global Spine Market with Focus on Spinal Fusion- Industry Analysis & Outlook (2017-2021)

Date: 5, January 2018 | Pages: 70 | Price : $800 | Format : Pdf

Spine, also known as vertebral column or back bone, is a series of several irregular bones (vertebrae) located in the back of a human. Spine houses a spinal canal which protects the spinal cord by enclosing it. Spinal cord is a ..