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Global IGBT (Insulated-gate Bipolar Transistor) Market with Focus on China: Industry Analysis & Outlook (2018-2022)

  • Published: 23rd Oct 2018
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IGBT is a simple device used as an electronic switch which came to combine high efficiency and fast switching. It has four alternating layers (P-N-P-N) that are controlled by a metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS) gate structure without regenerative action. Globally, IGBT market is growing at robust CAGR and would experience significant growth in the coming five years.


The global IGBT market would primarily grow due to increasing production of electricity using renewable sources, rising penetration of electric vehicles and increasing establishment of offshore wind farms. However, the market growth could be restrained by an upcoming technology of wide-bandgap semiconductors.


China is a major contributor to the global IGBT market due to its technical advancements, growing markets of NEV, photovoltaic and inverters, initiatives of government for promoting use of renewable energy sources. Chinese IGBT market is majorly dominated by inverters and NEV markets. However, in the coming years, photovoltaic market would be consuming a major portion of produced IGBTs. Though, the Chinese market is growing at a rapid pace, but due to its increasingly over demand for IGBT, the market growth could be hindered. However, IGBT localization ratio is picking up a pace and would further fuel the market growth.


In terms of competitive analysis, the global IGBT market is quite consolidated where four major players of the market are holding a major share of the market value. Infineon Technology, Furukawa Group (Fuji Electric), Semikron, and Mitsubishi Electric are currently dominating the market. Chinese IGBT market is also having a similar competitive landscape where these companies are leading the Chinese IGBT market. Though, China is holding a major chunk of the global IGBT market, but there is high presence of foreign companies, especially European, holding a lion’s share of the Chinese IGBT market value. In future, a different scenario can be seen in Chinese IGBT market as its localization rate is improving and many domestic companies are focusing on improving their products to strengthening their presence in the domestic market.

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