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Global Rubber Gloves Market: Industry Analysis & Outlook (2019-2023)

  • Published: 27th Feb 2019
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Rubber gloves are regarded as one of the significant cleaning tools. The practice of using rubber gloves has emerged in recent years with the increase in health and hygiene awareness. People are adopting a healthy way of living which is eventually promoting the practice of using rubber gloves to maintain hygienic environment. Rubber gloves are of different types such as latex gloves, nitrile glove and vinyl gloves that are used in various sectors like healthcare sector, science and technology sector and automotive sector. The primary purpose of using rubber gloves is to prevent or control the transfer of harmful bacteria and viruses and various contagious diseases.


The demand for rubber gloves is growing globally due to the advancement in technological applications and the emergence of various prolonged diseases. The global rubber market is expanding vastly with the increase in global demand for rubber gloves as consumers’ tastes and preferences are changing drastically. A rise in people’s income level is another important reason behind the increased global demand. The gradual shifts in the rubber gloves demand are adding up to the market developments.


The global rubber gloves market is majorly covered by the U.S., Asia Pacific, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Middle East. Malaysia and Thailand are the top rubber producing countries that export their rubber based products to almost every corner of the world. Malaysian rubber gloves suppliers are leading the global market because of high quality gloves, reasonable pricing, supply stability and abundance of rubber trees. It has acquired a lion’s share in the global market because of its competitive advantage.


The global rubber gloves market is highly consolidated in nature with top 4 players including Top Glove Corporation, Hartalega, Kosaan Rubber industries and Supermax Corporation. These top companies have covered the major share of the global gloves market. Top Glove Corporation is leading the market because of the high production capacity of rubber gloves as compared to other players. The company has various advantages over its rivals because of its high quality products and rational pricing.

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