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Increasing Prevalence of Spinal Disorders to Push the U.S. Spine Market Forward
Date: 25 March 2019

Spine, also known as vertebral column or back bone, is a series of several irregular bones (vertebrae) located in the back of a human. Spine houses a spinal canal which protects the spinal cord by enclosing it. Spinal cord is a thin and long tubular bundle of nervous tissue and support cells. It acts as a pathway between brain and the body. There exist numerous spine disorders with various levels of severity. These disorders can be segmented under three categories which include spine deformity, spine trauma or tumor and degenerative spine disorders.


In the U.S., spine market is booming at a lucrative CAGR. The U.S holds the largest share in the global spine market owing to its rapidly increasing ageing and obese population, one of the bests healthcare infrastructure, higher concentration of key players in the nation, and growing numbers of road accidents.


The U.S. spine market is largely dominated by spine hardware segment which includes spinal fusions, deformity surgery, disc replacements, vertebroplasty, and Kyphoplasty. Lumber fusion is holding a major share in the U.S. spine market. Spine robotics and biologics segments of the market are also picking up a pace gradually.


Competitive landscape of global spine market and the U.S. spine market is quite similar. In both the markets, four players that include Medtronic, Nuvasive, JnJ, and Stryker are leading. However, in the field of spine robotics, the scenario is not the same. Globus Medical, Mazor (MDT), and Rosa are the key players of global spine robotics market as well as the U.S. spine robotics market.



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