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Increasing Construction Activities Drives the Global Concrete Admixtures Market

Date: 27th Feb 2020 | Category: Construction & Real Estate

The global concrete admixtures market is estimated to reach US$25.3 billion in 2023, growing at a CAGR of 9.04% for the period spanning from 2019 to 2023. The factors such as accelerating economy, increasing urban population, rising construction activities are expected to drive the market. However, growth of the industry will be challenged by rising product prices and complexity of planning and building regulations. A few notable trends include growing infrastructural development activities, escalating immigration and internal migration and growing use of ready to mix concrete.

The concrete admixtures are segmented into four main product types, which includes, Water reducing, Shrinkage reducing, Corrosion inhibiting and Set retarding and Others. In the concrete admixtures market, water reducing segment accounted for the highest share in 2019. Increasing building and construction activities and infrastructure projects, growing need for repair and maintenance helped water reducing to remain at top position amongst all the segments.

The fastest growing regional market is Asia-Pacific due to different housing and entertainment projects in Asia-Pacific countries, such as India, China, and Japan that have a major impact on the growth of the market. The U.S. and Europe are highly established premium markets that contribute to significant shares in the global market. Increasing investment in expanding construction capacity in the U.S. propelled the demand for concrete admixtures.

Scope of the report:

• The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the global concrete admixture market, segmented into Water reducing, Shrinkage reducing, Corrosion inhibiting and Set retarding and Others

• The major regional markets (Asia-Pacific, North America, LAMEA & Europe) have been analyzed, along with country coverage of the U.S., China and Brazil.

• The market dynamics such as growth drivers, market trends and challenges are analyzed in-depth.

• The competitive landscape of the market, along with the company profiles of leading players (Sika AG, BASF SE, RPM International Inc., Ashland, Arkema S.A. and Dow Inc.) are also presented in detail.

Key Target Audience:

• Concrete Admixtures Manufacturers

• Raw Material/Component Suppliers

• End Users

• Consulting Firms

• Government Bodies & Regulating Authorities