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Global Sugar & Sweeteners Market Report- 2012 Edition
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Date: 10, February 2013 | Pages: 55
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One of the major industries growing at a rapid pace includes the sugar and sweetener industry, the sub-industry of food additives industry. An artificial sweetener is something derived chemically and possesses the sweetness profile similar to sugar. On the other hand, sweeteners of natural origin are extracted from berries, fruits and certain plant species.


Sweeteners are of three type viz. Caloric, Low Calorie and Zero Calorie (high intensity) sweeteners. Each type of sweetener has varying potency and associated chemical properties. Moreover, each type of sweetener has its own merits and demerits. Now a days, ‘Stevia’, a high intensity sweetener of natural origin is penetrating the sweetener market swiftly on account of its comparably better chemical properties and effect on one’s health.


The sugar and sweetener industry has been growing on the back of factors like, growing number of diabetic patients worldwide, expanding obese population, mounting cardiovascular diseases incidences, and increasing consumption by the food and beverages industry. Furthermore, factor like growing ageing population is also contributing in the growth of the sugar and sweetener industry. With increasing age, deteriorating health condition and diseases like diabetes surface due to which the diet and sugar consumption has to be restricted. Moreover, trends like evolution of sweetener market, growing awareness of stevia, sugar price movement and production of ethanol are also examined.


This report analyzes the global sugar and sweetener market, including segmental and regional analysis. Segments like caloric sweetener (sugar and HFS), low calorie sweetener (sorbitol) and high intensity sweetener (stevia), and regions including North America (the US, Canada and Mexico), Europe, Asia-Oceania (China, India and Japan) and Brazil are discussed in detail. The leading players operating in the respective industry on the global scale include DuPont, PureCircle and Tate & Lyle. Along with the profiles of key industry players, the competition prevailing in the global sugar and sweetener market, and the competitive landscape of the US is also included.


1. Overview

1.1 Sweeteners
1.2 Types of Sweeteners

1.2.1 Caloric Sweeteners
1.2.2 Polyols (Sugar Alcohols)
1.2.3 High Intensity Sweeteners
-Stevia Extract Sweeteners
-Sweet Protein: Thaumatin

1.3 Regulation of Sweetener Market


2. Global Sweetener Market by Category
-Overall Market Volume
-Product Volume
-Growth in Demand

2.1 Global Caloric Sweetener Market

2.1.1 High Fructose Syrup (HFS)
-Market Overview
-Production by Region
-Annual Growth

2.1.2 Sugar
-Production by Region
-Consumption by Region
-Exports & Imports

2.2 Global Low Calorie Sweeteners (Polyols) Market

2.2.1 Sorbitol
-Market Overview
-Consumption by Region

2.3 Global HIS Market
-Consumption by Product Segment
-Regional Breakdown

2.3.1 Stevia
-Market Overview
-Product launches


3. Sweetener Market by Geographic Region

3.1 North America
-Sugar Statistics
-Regional Breakdown
-Price Trend

3.1.1 The US
-Sugar Statistics
- HFCS Production/Consumption

3.1.2 Mexico
-Sugar Statistics
-Sweetener Consumption
-HFCS Consumption

3.1.3 Canada
-Sugar Statistics

3.2 Europe
-Sugar Statistics
-Regional Breakdown

3.3 Asia-Oceania
-Sugar Statistics
-HFS Production

3.3.1 China
-Sugar Statistics
-Production Volume
-Price Trend

3.3.2 India
-Sugar Statistics
-Market Share

3.3.2 Japan
-Sugar Statistics

3.4 Brazil
-Sugar Statistics


4. Market Dynamics

4.1 Key Trends

4.1.1 Evolution of Sweetener Market
4.1.2 Growing Awareness of Stevia
4.1.3 Sugar Price Movement
4.1.4 Production of Ethanol

4.2 Growth Drivers

4.2.1 Growing Number of Diabetic Patients Worldwide
4.2.2 Expanding Obese Population
4.2.3 Mounting Cardiovascular Diseases Incidences
4.2.4 Increasing Consumption of HIS by the Food and Beverages Industry
4.2.5 Growing Ageing Population (+60 Years)
4.2.6 Ameliorating Economic Conditions


5. Competitive Landscape

5.1 Competition in the US


6. Company Profiles

6.1 PureCircle

6.1.1 Business Overview
6.1.2 Financial Overview
6.1.3 Business Strategies
-Expanding Market Share
-Growth through Strategic Collaborations

6.2 Tate & Lyle

6.2.1 Business Overview
6.2.2 Financial Overview
6.2.3 Business Strategies
-Establishing Platform for Long Term Growth
-Strategic Alliances

6.3 E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company (DuPont)

6.3.1 Business Overview
6.3.2 Financial Overview
6.3.3 Business Strategies
-Focus on R&D and Technological Collaboration
-Expansion of Cultures Capacity into China

List of Charts

Classification of Sweeteners based on Potency
Global Sweetener Market by Volume (2009-2011)
Global Sweetener Market by Product Volume (2009-2011)
Global Sweetener Market Share by Product (2011)
Global Number of Products by Sweetener Type (2010)
Growth in Global Sweetener Demand from 2009 to 2011
World HFS Production by Region (2007/08-2010/11)
World HFS Production Share by Region (2010/11)
Annual Growth in World HFS and Sugar consumption (2007-2011)
Share of HFS in Consolidated Consumption of Sugar and HFS by Region (2012)
World Sugar Production by Geography (2012/13)
World Sugar Usage by Geography (2012/13)
Global Sorbitol Consumption Share by Region (2010)
Global HIS Consumption (2009 & 2010)
Global High Intensity Sweetener Market Share by Product (2011)
High Intensity Sweetener Market – Share by Region (FY11)
Global Stevia Product Launches (2010)
Global New Product Launches with Stevia Extract (2010)
North America’s Sugar Production Share by Region (2012/13)
North America’s Sugar Usage Share by Region (2012/13)
Sweetener Prices in North America- Relative to Sugar Prices (2012)
The US HFCS Production and Consumption (2008-2012E)
Share of HFCS in the Consumption of HFCS and Sugar in the US (2007-2012E)
Sweetener Consumption in Mexico (2009/10-2011/12)
Mexico’s Area of Cane Harvested and Sugar Yield (2008/09-2012/13)
Mexico’s HFCS Consumption (2007/07-2011/12)
Asia’s HFS Production (2007/08-2010/11)
Asia’s HFS Production Share by Region (2010/11)
Production Volume of Sugar & Starch Sweeteners in China (1999-2011E)
India’s Artificial Sweetener Market Share by Product (September 2012)
Brazilian Sugar Production (2008/09-2010/11)
Brazilian Sugar Consumption (2008/09-2010/11)
Brazilian Sugar Exports (2008-09-2010/11)
Focus On Natural Zero-Calorie Sweeteners
Penetration of Stevia
Awareness for Stevia is growing in major markets worldwide
Number of Countries Introducing F&B Stevia Products (2008-2012E)
International Sugar Agreement, Raw Sugar Prices (January 2011-February 2012)
Ethanol Production by Types of Feedstock Used (2008-10 & 2020)
Global Diabetes Population (2006-2011)
Global Prevalence Rate of Diabetes by Age Group (2010)
Recent Status and Outlook for Global Diabetic Patients (2010-2030)
Growth in Worldwide Obese Population (2004-2012F)
Regional Caloric Consumption of Sweetener by Category (2011)
Consumption of Carbonated Drinks in the US (2008-2012E)
Global Ageing Population, +60 years (2005-2013F)
Global GDP (2001-2011)
World GDP per Capita (2005-2011)
The US HFCS Market Share by Company (2012)
PureCircle’s Revenues and Net Profit (FY2009-FY2012)
Tate & Lyle Revenue Share by Business Segments (2012)
Tate & Lyle Revenue (FY10-FY11)
DuPont’s Revenue Share by Business Segments (2011)
DuPont’s Revenues & Net Income (2008-2011)


List of Tables

Comparison of Various Types of Caloric Sweeteners
Comparison of Sugar Alcohols with Sugar
High Intensity Sweeteners Approved in the US
Stevia Leaf Extract Profile
Growth in Sweetener Consumption
World Sugar Production (2008/09-2012-13)
World Sugar Imports (2008/09-2012-13)
World Sugar Exports (2008/09-2012-13)
World Sugar Total Use (2008/09-2012-13)
North America’s Sugar Statistics (2008/09-2012/13)
The US Sugar Statistics (2008/09-2012-13)
Mexico’s Sugar Statistics (2008/09-2012-13)
Canada’s Sugar Statistics (2008/09-2012-13)
EU-27 Sugar Statistics (2008/09-2012-13)
Western Europe’s Sugar Statistics (2008/09-2012-13)
Eastern Europe’s Sugar Statistics (2008/09-2012-13)
Asia-Oceania’s Sugar Statistics (2008/09-2012-13)
Asia’s HFS Production by Region (2007/08-2010/11)
China’s Sugar Statistics (2008/09-2012-13)
Ex-factory Prices of Sweeteners in China (June 2011)
India’s Sugar Statistics (2008/09-2012-13)
Japan’s Sugar Statistics (2008/09-2012-13)
PureCirlce’s Joint Ventures (2012)

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