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Global Eyewear Market Report: 2013 Edition
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Date: 06, May 2013 | Pages: 67
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Eyewear market that mainly comprises of frames, lenses, sunglasses and contact lenses has witnessed a consistent growth over the past few years. The growth of frames, lenses and contact lenses was on account of rise in population with eye defects and inclination towards fashionable eyewear. Demand for sunglasses increased primarily to protect eyes from bright sunlight and high-energy visible light.


The key trends observed within the industry including increased usage of silicone hydrogel and eyewear fashion. On the development front, Crizal Forte UV, a clear eyeglass lens was launched, introduction of Eye-Sun Protection Factor for lenses and launch of enVista TORIC lens. However, the industry remains threatened by certain challenges which include changing local conditions of the countries and sale of illegal novelty contact lenses. The major factors which will contribute in the growth of the industry include growing ageing population since with age people get more eye problems, rising diabetic population, increasing urban population and growing economic condition.


The report offers a comprehensive analysis of the worldwide eyewear market with focus on regional markets like Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe. North America is the largest market of contact lenses followed by Asia-Pacific and Europe. Eyewear market of Latin American countries including Brazil, Mexico and Argentina is also discussed in the report.


The competition in the global eyewear market is intense with few large players viz. Essilor, Luxottica, Carl Zeiss AG and Safilo Group. The competitive landscape of the global and regional contact lens markets, along with the company profiles of the leading players are discussed in detail.


By combining SPSS Inc.’s data integration and analysis capabilities with our relevant findings, we have predicted the future growth of the industry. We employed various significant variables that have an impact on this industry and created regression models with SPSS Base to determine the future direction of the industry. Before deploying the regression model, the relationship between several independent or predictor variables and the dependent variable was analyzed using standard SPSS output, including charts, tables and tests. 


1. Overview

1.1 Corrective Lens
1.2 Contact Lenses
1.3 Sunglasses


2. Market Size

2.1 Global Vision Care Industry

2.1.1 Contact Lenses
-Market Value
-Geographic Breakdown
-Penetration Rate
-Market Outlook

2.1.2 Soft Contact Lens
-Sales Growth
-Market Segments
-Geographic Breakdown


3. Market by Regions

3.1 Americas

3.1.1 North America
-Contact Lens Market Value

United States
-Eyewear Market Segments
-Contact Lens Market Segments
-Women’s Sunglasses by Value
-Women’s Sunglasses by Volume

3.1.2 Latin America

3.2 Asia Pacific
-Contact Lens Market Value
-Market Segments

3.2.1 China
-Contact Lens Market Value
-Market Segments
-Exports & Imports

3.2.2 Japan
-Eye Lens Market
-Eye Frames Market
-Contact Lens Segments

3.2.3 Taiwan
-Contact Lens Market
-Imports & Exports
-Major Retailers

3.3 Europe
-Contact Lens Market
-Market Segments

3.3.1 The UK
-Contact Lens Market
-Market Segments


4. Market Dynamics

4.1 Key Trends

4.1.1 Increased Usage of Silicone Hydrogel
4.1.2 Eyewear Fashion Driving Growth of the Market

4.2 Growth Drivers

4.2.1 Rising Ageing Population
4.2.2 Increasing Urbanization
4.2.3 Increasing Affordability
4.2.4 Diabetic Population

4.3 Industry Developments

4.3.1 Essilor’s Two Major Innovations
4.3.2 Bausch & Lomb Introduces New Lens in Europe

4.4 Challenges

4.4.1 Eyewear Market Suffers Due to Changing Local Conditions
4.4.2 Sale of Illegal Novelty Contact Lenses


5. Competitive Landscape

5.1 Global Market
-Contact Lens Market Share
-Soft Contact Lens Market Share

5.2 China
-Contact Lens Market Share

5.3 Japan
-Contact Lens Market Share
-Daily Disposable Lens Market Share

5.4 Korea
-Contact Lens Market Share

5.5 Taiwan
-Contact Lens Market Share


6. Company Profile

6.1 Essilor

6.1.1 Business Overview
6.1.2 Financial Highlights
6.1.3 Business Strategies
-Expansion through Acquisitions
-Focus on Innovation

6.2 Luxottica

6.2.1 Business Overview
6.2.2 Financial Highlights
6.2.3 Business Strategies
-Acquisition Policy
-Vertical Integration

6.3 Carl Zeiss AG

6.3.1 Business Overview
6.3.2 Financial Highlights
6.3.3 Business Strategies
-Product Innovation
-Strategic Acquisitions

6.4 Safilo Group

6.4.1 Business Overview
6.4.2 Financial Highlights
6.4.3 Business Strategies
-Expansion through Acquisitions
-Increase Geographic Reach


7. Market Outlook

7.1 Market Forecast
7.2 Forecast Methodology

7.2.1 Dependent and Independent Variables
7.2.2 Correlation Analysis
7.2.3 Regression Analysis

List of Charts

Categorization of Corrective Lenses
Categorization of Contact Lenses
Global Eyewear Industry Revenues -Breakdown by Segments (2012)
Global Contact Lens Market Value (2007-2012E)
Global Contact Lens Market Breakdown by Region (2011)
Penetration Rate of Contact Lenses in Various Countries (2011)
Global Contact Lens Market Outlook by Region (2012-2016)
Global Soft Contact Lens Market Sales Growth (2008-2012)
Global Soft Contact Lens Sales by Category (2012)
Global Soft Contact Lens Sales by Region (2012)
Type of Disposable Lens in America (2011)
Sales of North American Contact Lens Market (2007-2011)
Eyewear Retail Market in the US by Type (2011)
Contact Lens Market Share in the US by Material (2011)
The US Lens Market by Lens Type (Sep 2010-Sep 2012)
The US Retail Lens Market by Lens Type (Sep 2011-Sept 2012)
Retail Sales of Women’s Sunglasses by Value in the US (2009-2012)
Retail Sales of Women’s Sunglasses by Volume in the US (2009-2012)
Sales of Women’s Sunglasses in the US by Distribution Channels (2009-2012)
Eyewear Market Value in Brazil (2007-2012)
Eyewear Market Value in Mexico (2007-2012)
Eyewear Market Value in Argentina (2007-2012)
Sales of Contact Lens in Asia (2007-2011)
Type of Disposable Lens in Asia Pacific (2011)
Contact Lens Sales in China (2008-2011)
Chinese Eyewear Imports by Products (2009-2011)
Type of Disposable Lens in China (2012)
Market Size of Eyeglasses in Japan (2009-2011)
Market Size of Spectacle Frames in Japan (2009-2011)
Market Size of Spectacle Lenses in Japan (2009-2011)
Share of Contact Lens by Modality (2011)
Taiwan Contact Lenses Sales by Volume (2005-2011)
Taiwan Contact Lens: Imports vs. Exports (2007-2011)
Taiwan Contact Lens Retailers (2011)
Sales of Contact Lens in Europe (2007-2011)
Type of Disposable Lens in Europe (2011)
The UK Contact Lens Market Value (2010-2012)
The UK Contact Lens Market Share by Type (2012)
Soft Contact Lenses by Material Types (2009-2012)
Global Ageing Population (2005-2012)
Global Urban Population (2005-2011)
Global GDP (2001-2011)
World GDP per Capita (2005-2011)
World Population with Diabetes, Age Group 20-79 years (2006-2012)
Global Contact Lens by Vendors (2007-2011)
Global Soft Contact Lens Market by Vendors (2011)
Chinese Contact Lens Market by Companies (2011)
Japan Contact Lens Market by Vendors (2008-2012E)
Japan’s Daily Disposable Contact Lenses Market Share by Vendors (2008-2012E)
Korea Contact Lens Market by Companies (2011)
Taiwan Contact Lens Market Share (2011)
Essilor Sales by Segments (2012)
Essilor Sales by Region (2012)
Essilor Revenues (2007-2012)
Luxottica Sales by Segments (2012)
Luxottica Sales by Region (2012)
Luxottica’s Revenue and Net Income (2008-2012)
Carl Zeiss Revenues Share by Segment (2012)
Carl Zeiss Revenues Share by Region (2012)
Carl Zeiss Revenues and Net Income (2009-2012)
Safilo Group Revenues Share by Segment (2012)
Safilo Group Revenues Share by Region (2012)
Safilo Group Revenues (2008-2012)
Global Contact Lens Market Forecast (2010-2015F)


List of Tables

Chinese Spectacles Import from Various Countries in US$ million (2009-2011)
Chinese Spectacles Exports from various countries US$ million (2009-2011)
Dependent & Independent Variables (2007–2011)
Correlation Matrix
Model Summary – Coefficient of Determination
Regression Coefficients Output

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