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Global Container Glass Market Report: 2012 Edition
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Date: 06, November 2012 | Pages: 50
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After the earliest known creation of manmade glass, estimated to date back to 4000BC according to archeologists, it was around 1500BC that first hollow glass containers were made by covering sand core with a layer of molten glass. Since first century BC glass containers were commonly being made by blowing glass, a technology closely guarded by Romans. It was only after disintegration of the Roman Empire that the technology spread to Europe and the Middle East. Through constant research and development over the past centuries glass proved to be a material having unparalleled property of preservation of organic products and gave scope to satisfy man's fancy for beauty and creativity. The man gave free vent to his imagination in shaping glass in infinite ways for pleasure along with its need for preservation, which made the glass containers market grow without hitch despite competitive products.


Europe and the US represent the largest markets for container glass products, world over, offering immense potential for continued and sustainable growth of the global container glass market. Within Europe, Germany emerged as the fastest growing regional market, followed by France and Spain. Over the recent past, the developing regions of the world, such as India, have been witnessing exponential growth in the demand for container glass, given the distinctive features of appearance, usability, and preservation offered by the product.


Man's unending quest for better quality of life has resulted in heightened usage of glass containers, owing to the products unique properties of better preservation, aesthetic values, and recyclability. Over the past years, glass has emerged as the preferred choice of packaging material for food and beverage, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries, in particular. Moreover, growing consumer awareness about the benefits of using glass packaging and its contribution in achieving environmental sustainability has played a key role in the industry's unmatched growth. However, the alternative forms of packaging such as plastic or PET continue to be widely accepted among the consumers, thus posing a serious challenge for the future growth of container glass market.


The global container glass market is intensely competitive and highly fragmented, with several large and small players operating in the market. The companies compete mainly on the basis of quality, price, reliability, functionality, and other marketing attributes of the product. The leading players in the manufacturing of glass containers include: Owens-Illinois, Inc.; Saint-Gobain S.A.; Vetropack Holding Ltd.; Vitro, S.A.B. de C.V.; and Ardagh Group, amongst others.


The report analyzes the global container glass industry with focus on the US and Europe. The report presents the competitive structure of the industry and profiles major players in the glass packaging market. Also, key trends in the container glass industry have been identified and major factors that are expected to drive growth have been analyzed.


By combining SPSS Inc.’s data integration and analysis capabilities with our relevant findings, we have predicted the future growth of the market. We employed various significant variables that have an impact on this industry and created regression models with SPSS Base to determine the future direction of the industry. Before deploying the regression model, the relationship between several independent or predictor variables and the dependent variable was analyzed using standard SPSS output, including charts, tables and tests. 


1. Overview


1.1 Introduction
1.2 Glass Manufacturing Process
1.3 Glass Attributes
1.4 Glass Types
1.5 Glass Recycling Process


2. Global Market


Global Packaging Market
Global Glass Packaging Market
Global Container Glass Sales


3. Container Glass - Regional Analysis


3.1 The US Container Glass Market


3.1.1 Shipments

Annual Shipments
Quarterly Shipments
Shipments by End Markets

3.1.2 Inventory

Annual Inventory
Quarterly Inventory

3.1.3 Production


3.2 European Container Glass Market


3.2.1 Overview
3.2.2 Production


Production Growth
Production by Country


3.2.3 Export/Import


3.3 Indian Container Glass Market


3.3.1 Overview

End User Break-up by Value
End User Break-up by Volume
Geographical Breakdown

3.3.2 Competition


4. Market Dynamics


4.1 Trends and Development


4.1.1 Growing Demand for Greener and Healthier Packaging Options
4.1.2 Rise in European Glass Recycling Rate
4.1.3 Rising Concerns over BPA Exposure in Infants
4.1.4 Establishment of the World’s Largest Container Glass Furnace


4.2 Growth Drivers


4.2.1 Growth in Beverage Industry
4.2.2 Growth in Worldwide Pharmaceutical market
4.2.3 Growth in Global Cosmetics Market


4.3 Challenges


4.3.1 Growing Acceptance of Plastic and PET Containers


5. Container Glass - Competitive Scenario


Competitive Overview
Financial Comparison


6. Company Profiles


6.1 Owens-Illinois, Inc.


Business Description
Key Financials
Business Strategies
Continuous Investment in R&D
Growth through Acquisitions


6.2 Saint-Gobain S.A.


Business Description
Key Financials
Business Strategies
Strengthen Position in Value-Added Construction Solutions
Expanding Presence in Fast Growing Regions


6.3 Vetropack Holding Ltd.


Business Description
Key Financials
Business Strategies
Better Utilization of Capacity
Focus on Sustainable Development

6.4 Vitro, S.A.B. de C.V.


Business Description
Key Financials
Business Strategies
Improving Work Efficiency and Quality
Focus on Value Addition


7. Market Outlook


7.1 Market Forecast
7.2 Forecast Methodology

7.2.1 Dependent and Independent Variables
7.2.2 Correlation Analysis
7.2.3 Regression Analysis

List of Charts


Container Glass Composition
Schematic Diagram of Glass Container Manufacturing Process
Glass Recycling Process
Global Packaging Market, 2010 - 2016F
Global Glass Packaging Industry
Global Glass Packaging Market, 2010-2012E
World Glass Container per Capita Consumption, 2011
Global Container Glass Sales, 2001-2011
Annual Shipments of Glass Containers in the US, 2003-2011
The US Container Glass Shipments by End Markets, 2011
Quarterly Shipments of Glass Containers in the US, Q103-Q112
Annual Inventory of Glass Container in the US, 2003-2011
Quarterly Inventory of Glass Container in the US, 2003-2011
The US Glass Container Production, 2003-2011
European Glass Production by Sectors, 2010
European Glass Consumption by Sectors, 2010
European Container Glass Production, 2001-2011
European Exports of Glass by Type, 2010
European Imports of Glass by Type, 2010
Indian Packaging Industry by Type (by value), FY11
End User Industry Break-up of Indian Container Glass Market (by Volume), FY11
End User Industry Break-up of Indian Container Glass Market (by Value), FY11
End User Industry Growth Rate in India: Container Glass Segment, 2010-2020
Indian Container Glass Market by Region, FY11
Production Capacity of Major Container Glass Players in India, FY11
Global Beverage Market, 2004-2011
Global Pharmaceutical Market, 2003-2011
Worldwide Cosmetics Market, 2004-2011
Owens-Illinois’ Revenues and Net Income, 2007-2011
Saint-Gobain’s Revenue Breakdown by Business Segments, 2011
Saint-Gobain’s Revenues and Net Income, 2007-2011
Vetropack’s Glass Packaging Sales by Market Segments, 2011
Vetropack’s Revenues and Net Income, 2007-2011
Vitro’s Revenues by Business Segments, 2011
Vitro’s Revenues and Net Income, 2007-2011
Global Container Glass Sales Forecast, 2010-2014F


List of Tables


The US Glass Container Shipment Growth by Category, 2010-2011
European Container Glass Production by Country, 2005-2011
Comparison of Leading Container Glass Companies – Key Financials, 2011
Dependent & Independent Variables, 2004 - 2011
Correlation Matrix
Model Summary – Coefficient of Determination
Regression Coefficients Output

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