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Work Environment

Each day at Koncept starts with something new to discover and learn. Our talented team-members start coming by 9:30 in the morning to start a new day of challenges, achievements and fun. Our unique work culture makes you experience all aspects of the professionalism you are walking in the direction of. One day tests your research skills and analytical capabilities to the limits, while on the other day you might face disappointment if you do not find industry-specific statistics for a niche market.

Some days might bring setbacks, while the next day might bring you the pride for modeling future growth rates. Your special days; birthdays, anniversaries, etc., do not limit fun-filled celebrations at Koncept, but it goes on even with small achievements like when you find one data point that works like magic. This whole-cycle of self-discovery at Koncept helps you find the strengths and convictions that were always there but you never realized.

Mind it, client work and priority projects never take a back seat in this atmosphere of work combine with short coffee and cigarette breaks, with lunch being the master of the all – the ideal time to recharge the gray cells and indulge in some juicy office gossip.

Deadlines, internal or final, are sacrosanct. You will get to test your endurance levels on a crunched deadline, and will be pleasantly surprised at your reservoir of energy.