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Global Diaper Market Report: 2012 Edition
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Monday, February 25, 2013
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Hygiene practices are employed in daily routine in order to deter and prevent the spread of micro-organism that cause disease. Hygiene could be a concern at various strata, here the focus is on personal care or personal hygiene. At individual level, hygiene market has three broad segments viz. baby care products, feminine care products and adult incontinence products.

Among the class of baby care products, a major constituent is ‘Diaper’, while in case of feminine care, sanitary napkins are the key component. As far as adult incontinence products are concerned, they generally talk of ‘adult absorbent briefs; which are to be used when the person is unable to control the bladder and bowel movement due to some underlying medical condition.

Diapers are of two types viz. Cloth and Disposable. Cloth diapers are reusable while the disposable ones are thrown after use. Both varieties of diapers have associated merits and demerits.

This report comprehensively discusses the global hygiene and diaper market along with the regional markets of China and Europe. Also, the diaper market segments like baby diapers and incontinence products are reported in detail. The market dynamics prevalent in the industry like key trends and developments (varying market characteristics, brand power and market positioning strategies, correlation with life expectancy, emergence of private label baby diapers, environment friendly products, diaper buzzer) are elicited in depth.

Moreover, the underlying drivers, such as increasing urban population, growing ageing population (+60 years), rising healthcare expenditure, and ameliorating economic conditions, which are expediting the industry growth are explicated. But in sync, there also exist some issues like negative impact on surrounding environment and escalating price pressure, which may hinder the industry expansion process, are also discussed.

The respective market is fiercely competitive with numerous local and global players operating in the industry. The leading players profiled herein include P&G, SCA, Hengan and Kimberley Clark. Along with the profiles of key industry players, the competition prevailing in the global diaper market and the competitive landscape of China is also included.