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Date: 21 January 2017

Adhesive is a substance that is capable of holding materials together in a functional manner by surface attachment that resists separation. It is a non-metallic material which is able to join two substrates using adhesion mechanism which is developed between the adhesive and substrate and cohesive mechanism which is developed within the adhesive itself. Sealant is a substance used to block the passage of fluids through the surface or joints o...

Date: 21 January 2017

The dialysis market is growing rapidly owing to demographic factors. They include aging population and a growing number of people with diabetes and high blood pressure – diseases that often lead to chronic kidney failure. In addition, the life expectancy of dialysis patients is increasing as a result of continuous improvements in the quality of treatment and higher standards of living.


As per the report “Glo...

Date: 18 January 2017

Growth hormone (GH)/ Human Growth hormone (hGH) is a type of peptide hormone produced by the body which is responsible for stimulating cell reproduction, growth and regeneration amongst humans. Within the anterior of pituitary glands, lateral wings are present the somatotropic cells which synthesize, store, and secrete the GH, a 191-amino acid in single chain polypeptide. It is responsible for keeping a check over the normal human growth and ...

Date: 14 January 2017

Healthy lifestyle has become a priority for majority of people, and in order to achieve this people are engaging themselves in physical exercises. A great spurt in sports, weight management and athletics has been seen in the number of middle-age and elderly population over the years. Sports nutrition market is fulfilling the needs of consumers engaged in these activities.


Sports nutrition has emerged as an important ca...

Date: 13 January 2017

Botulinum toxin is a neurotoxin produced by the bacteria Clostridium Botulinum that has several cosmetic and therapeutic uses. Botulinum toxin A, when injected, blocks the nerve signals that cause muscles to contract. Unlike BT, which is directly used to stop muscle movement, HA fillers are directly injected into the skin to fill wrinkles, depressed, or folded points in the face. It also brings water to the surface of the skin to keep it look...

Date: 11 January 2017

The outdoor advertising market has seen strong growth because it offers advertisers a unique blend of reach and unrivalled location-based marketing. Outdoor today is a fast, dynamic environment offering strong brand opportunities supported by digital technology. Globally, the outdoor medium is also benefiting from the disruption in the traditional advertising sector. The outdoor advertising sector dynamics remained strong, with increasing dem...

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