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Trend of Non-Daily Dosing of Contraceptives Likely to Fuel the Growth of Contraceptive Market
Date: 5 October 2018

Contraception, also referred to as birth control, is a method to control unwanted pregnancy. It has been used since ancient times; however, effective contraceptive methods have been introduced in 20th century only. Today, the market is filled with number of contraceptive options providing desirable results and efficacy. The global contraceptive market is experiencing a robust growth at a lucrative CAGR. Every year, a greater number of people undergoing contraceptive sterilization can be observed. Also, there is a high demand of male condoms due to their affordability, availability and higher efficiency to prevent pregnancy and exposure to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).


Female contraception drug products are major boosters for the growth of the global contraceptive market. There is a continually growing population of females using hormonal contraception. Oral pills and IUDs are the widely used methods of contraception among females. The global female contraception drug market would continue to move forward with a healthy growth rate in future.


Regionally, the U.S. is the major market for contraceptives due to its increasing female population of childbearing age, higher concentration of key companies, higher awareness of contraceptives and STDs infections, and increasing consumption of female condoms. Also, the desirable size of a family in the U.S. is of two children which supports the consumption of contraceptives in the region. Europe also holds a notable share in the global contraceptive market. However, its share can drop to some extent in future due to decreasing female population of reproductive ages.


In terms of competition, the global contraceptive market is highly fragmented with a huge number of companies selling generic products. However, the global female contraceptive drug market is dominated by four companies that include Bayer AG, Allergan PLC, Merck & Co. and Teva Pharmaceuticals.


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