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Popularity of Air Compressors is Rapidly Growing in Non-Industrial Activities
Date: 11 January 2018

Compressed air is a gas or combination of gases which are put under great pressure and is then used to source energy for the use of pneumatic tools such as air hammers, drills etc. But, the use of compressed air is changing with time because it is believed to be playing a pivotal role in use of robotics, large scale systems and in household chores as well. The acceptance of air compressors in non-industrial activities have increase at par, and the market is likely to benefit from this at large.


Air compressor is a machine which is capable to converting electrical power into kinetic energy, by utilization of compressed air. Air compressors popularity has soared because no conversion from another form of energy is involved at the time of the use for any application. Use of air compressors are being view as a renewable sources of energy. Air compressors are bifurcated into two types, i.e. Dynamic compressors and positive displacement compressors, has two types; reciprocating air compressors & rotary air compressors.
Global air compressor market is set to experience staggering growth in the coming five years with increased penetration of air compressors in non-industrial activities. Global air compressor market is likely to see robust growth owing to factors such increasing adoption rate, favorable government policies, and growing popularity of automobiles. Improving economic conditions would further drive the market growth.


The major trends of the market includes industry consolidations and increased focus on research and development (R&D). However, the market will be hindered by high prices of raw materials.


The research report, “Global Air Compressor Market: Industry Analysis & Outlook: 2017 Edition” by Koncept Analytics provides an extensive research and detailed analysis of the market performance at present and future outlook of the global and regional market.


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