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Rubber Gloves Market to Experience Capacity Expansion in 2017
Date: 15 April 2017

Rubber gloves were invented primarily for medical staff to prevent them from developing dermatitis from chemicals. The market has thereafter seen significant use of rubber gloves in other segments as well with passing time. Increased healthcare infrastructure and mandated reforms has always kept the demand for rubber gloves high and would continue to do in the future as well. The rubber gloves market has come long way with increased innovation and product differentiation by the manufactures.


Rubber gloves are broadly classified under nitrile rubber gloves and latex rubber gloves. Nitrile rubber gloves are slowly replacing the latex rubber gloves because of the allergies cause by latex proteins. A developed nation like that of the US has mandated the use of nitrile gloves, leading to its increased demand. Whereas, in case of the emerging economies the demand for latex gloves has been high because it’s cost is very low and is cheaply available.


Malaysia is the largest exporter of rubber gloves in the world because of its dynamics and better operating efficiencies led by encouraging government policies. The global rubber gloves market growth will be driven by up-gradation of manufacturing efficiencies, and increased penetration in the developing nations.


The major trends of the market include shift from natural rubber gloves to NBR gloves, capacity expansion, and increased demand for powder free latex gloves. However, the market will be hindered by volatility in prices of raw materials, hike in natural gas tariff, speculation and high dependence on foreign labor.


The research report, “Global Rubber Gloves Market: Industry Analysis & Outlook: 2017 Edition” by Koncept Analytics provides an extensive research and detailed analysis of the market performance at present and future outlook of the global and regional market.

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