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Global Radiation Therapy Market Report: 2015 Edition
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Date: 24, February 2015 | Pages: 59
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Radiotherapy is a treatment procedure that involves the use of high-energy radiation. It is commonly applied to the cancerous tumor because of its ability to control cell growth and is also used to treat benign (non-cancerous) tumors and other conditions like thyroid disease and some blood disorders. Almost half of the cancer patients are being treated by radiation therapy. Nowadays, new treatment techniques such as image guided radiation therapy (IGRT), proton therapy; brachytherapy and stereotactic radiation therapy are being increasingly adopted. Moreover, due to the less risk in proton therapy treatment, it has become the most preferred option for treating cancer. Further, it is projected that the IGRT market will grow at a stronger pace than the overall radiation therapy market as it reduces the long term treatment side effects.

The US is the largest market of radiotherapy devices globally. The US market growth is mainly driven by the increasing incidence of cancers, replacements of older radiotherapy systems and reimbursement levels for radiation therapy. Demand for radiotherapy devices in Asia Pacific region has shown significant growth, mainly driven by China. The key factors driving the growth of the radiation therapy market include higher incidence of cancer, rising healthcare expenditures, rise in aging population and steady rise in global GDP. The major issues faced by the market include stringent regulations and expensive treatments.

This report assesses the Global Radiation Therapy Market in terms of market value along with the study of the regional markets including Asia Pacific, Latin America, North America, and Europe. The increasing competition in the radiotherapy market has been analyzed on number of factors: proton therapy market, installed base and new orders. The report presents some of the major drivers, trends and challenges being faced by the market. It also discusses the company profiles of top four players in radiation therapy market i.e. Varian, Siemens, Elekta, and Accuray.

By combining SPSS Inc.’s data integration and analysis capabilities with our relevant findings, we have predicted the future growth of the industry. We employed various significant variables that have an impact on this industry and created regression models with SPSS Base to determine the future direction of the industry. Before deploying the regression model, the relationship between several independent or predictor variables and the dependent variable was analyzed using standard SPSS output, including charts, tables and tests. 


1. Radiation Therapy (RT) – An Overview

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Types of Radiation Therapy

1.2.1 External-Beam Radiation Therapy
1.2.2 Internal Radiation Therapy
1.2.3 Systemic Radiation Therapy

1.3 RT Action Mechanism
1.4 RT Effect on Different Cancer Types

2. Global Radiation Therapy Market
-Market Value
-Market Segments

2.1 Linear Accelerator System Devices
-Market Value
-Annual Units Installed
-Cumulative Units Installed

2.2 Proton Therapy
-Growth of Proton Rooms
-Patients Treated with Proton Therapy

3. Regional Markets
-Regional Breakdown
-Penetration Rate

3.1 By Market Value

3.1.1 North America
-Market Value
-US Market

3.1.2 EMEA
-Market Value

3.1.3 APAC
-Market Value
-Chinese Market

3.1.4 Latin America
-Market Value

3.2 By Installed Base

3.2.1 Americas
-Annual Units Installed
-Cumulative Units Installed

3.2.2 Rest of the World
-Annual Units Installed
-Cumulative Units Installed

4. Market Dynamics

4.1 Growth Drivers

4.1.1 Rising Cancer Cases
4.1.2 Increasing use of Tobacco and Alcohol
4.1.3 Rising Healthcare Expenditure
4.1.4 Rising Ageing Population

4.2 Trends and Development

4.2.1 Development in Proton Therapy
4.2.2 New Technologies

4.3 Challenges

4.3.1 Side Effects of the Treatment
4.3.2 Expensive treatment
4.3.3 Stringent Regulations

5. Competitive Landscape

5.1 North America
5.2 Asia Pacific
5.3 Europe and AFLAME

6. Company Profiles

6.1 Varian Medical Systems Inc.

6.1.1 Business Description
6.1.2 Financial Overview
6.1.3 Business Strategies
-Expansion through Acquisitions
-Advanced Technologies

6.2 Elekta

6.2.1 Business Overview
6.2.2 Financial Overview
6.2.3 Business Strategies
-Focus on Mergers & Acquisitions
-Developing Advanced Products

6.3 Accuray Inc.

6.3.1 Business Overview
6.3.2 Financial Overview
6.3.3 Business Strategies
-Technological Advancements
-Expansion in International Markets

6.4 Siemens AG

6.4.1 Business Overview
6.4.2 Financial Overview
6.4.3 Business Strategies
-Intense R&D Focus
-Acquisition Activities

7. Market Outlook

7.1 Market Forecast
7.2 Forecast Methodology

7.2.1 Dependent and Independent Variables
7.2.2 Correlation Analysis
7.2.3 Regression Analysis  

List of Charts

Global Radiation Therapy Equipment Market (2004-2013)
Global Radiation Therapy Equipment Share (2013)
Global Linear Accelerator Systems Market Value (2011-2013)
Global Linear Accelerators Annual Units Sold (2010-3Q14)
Global Linear Accelerators Cumulative Units (2010-3Q14)
Cumulative Number of Proton Treatment Rooms Worldwide (2008-2015E)
Number of Patients Treated with Proton Radiation (2008-2015E)
Number of Radiation Therapy Equipment- by Country (2013)
Share of Cancer Patients Treated with Radiation Therapy (2013)
Linear Accelerators Market Share- by Region (2013)
North America’s Radiation Therapy Market (2007-2013)
New Cancer Cases in the US (2013-2014E)
New Cancer Cases in the US- by Types (2013)
Number of Cancer Deaths in the US (2013-2014E)
Estimated No. of Deaths by Type of Cancer in the US (2014)
Estimated US Growth Rates- by Treatment (2012-2017)
EMEA Radiation Therapy Market (2007-2013)
APAC’s Radiation Therapy Market (2007-2013)
China Radiation Oncology Market (2009-2016F)
Latin America’s Radiation Therapy Market (2007-2013)
Linear Accelerators Annual Units Sold in America (2010-3Q14)
Linear Accelerators Cumulative Units in American Market (2010-3Q14)
Linear Accelerators Annual Units Sold in Rest of World (2010-3Q14)
Linear Accelerators Cumulative Units in Rest of World (2010-3Q14)
Number of New Cancer Incidences Worldwide (2007-2013)
Global Health Care Expenditure per Capita (2007-2013)
Global Ageing Population (2008-2013)
Global Radiation Therapy Market Share- by Company (2013)
Proton Rooms Sold- by Companies (1995-2014)
North America Market Share – by Installed Base (2013)
North America Market Share – by New Orders (2013)
Asia Pacific Market Share – by Installed Base (2013)
Europe and AFLAME Market Share – by New Orders (2013)
Europe and AFLAME Emerging Market Share –by New Orders (2013)
Varian Medical Systems’ Revenue Share by Business Segments (2014)
Varian Medical Systems Inc-Net Revenues and Net Income (2009-2014)
Elekta’s Geographical Segments (FY13/14)
Elekta Net Revenues (FY09-FY14)
Accuray Inc. Net Revenues and Net Income (20010-2014)
Siemens AG’s Revenue Share- by Business Segments (2014)
Siemens AG Net Revenues and Net Income (2010-2014) Figure 7.1: Global Radiation Therapy Equipment Market Forecast (2013-2017F)
Global Radiation Therapy Equipment Market Forecast (2013-2017F)

List of Tables

Linear Accelerators 5- Years Growth Rate (2013-2018)
Linear Accelerators Annual Units Sold in Americas- by Company (2010-3Q14)
Linear Accelerators Cumulative Units in American Market- by Company (2010-3Q14)
Linear Accelerators Annual Units Sold in Rest of World- by Company (2010-3Q14)
Linear Accelerators Cumulative Units in Rest of World- by Company (2010-3Q14)
Dependent & Independent Variables (2008–2013)
Correlation Matrix
Model Summary – Coefficient of Determination
Regression Coefficients Output 

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