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Global Escalator & Elevator Market Report: 2012 Edition
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Date: 08, October 2012 | Pages: 44
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The global elevator and escalator (E&E) market comprises of three major segments namely new installations, maintenance and modernization. After witnessing slowdown in 2009, the E&E market has recorded strong growth during 2010-2011 driven by increase in the construction activities, urbanization and improving worldwide economy. In volumetric terms, the sales of elevators were much higher as compared to the sales of escalators as the usage of elevators is not restricted to only commercial segment and elevators are often used in residential construction as well.


As far as the E&E new installations are concerned, the growth is majorly driven by emerging markets such as China and India, where rapid construction activities are taking place. However, Europe, the largest market escalators and elevators, recorded marginal growth in terms of E&E new installations. Therefore, the growth of E&E market in the developed markets like Europe and the US has become increasingly dependent on E&E service market.


The E&E market can also be segmented in terms of high-rise, mid-rise, and low rise equipments, depending on the capacity. The low rise segment was the most popular segment in 2011 as the segment recorded higher sales both in terms of value and volume as compared to the other two segments.


Otis led the global E&E market in 2011 followed by KONE, Schindler, and Thyssenkrupp. The competitive landscape of global E&E market was highly consolidated as top 4 players accounted for more than half of the global E&E sales in 2011. The global E&E manufacturers are increasingly being conscious about improving their product offerings in terms of energy efficiency and maintenance cost in order to utilize the growth opportunity present in the market. However, the future growth of the market players will depend widely on their efficiency to answer challenges like the growing safety concerns and slowdown in the growth of E&E new installations in major developed markets.


The report analyzes the global market for escalators and elevators and also discusses some of the major regional markets. The report presents the key trends, growth drivers and the major issues and challenges being faced in the global E&E industry. It also profiles the four major global players, including Otis, Schindler, ThyssenKrupp, ad KONE, along with their strategies for growth.


By combining SPSS Inc.’s data integration and analysis capabilities with our relevant findings, we have predicted the future growth of the industry. We employed various significant variables that have an impact on this industry and created regression models with SPSS Base to determine the future direction of the industry. Before deploying the regression model, the relationship between several independent or predictor variables and the dependent variable was analyzed using standard SPSS output, including charts, tables and tests.


1. Escalator and Elevator (E&E)


1.1 Introduction
1.2 Value Chain Analysis


2. Global Escalator and Elevator (E&E) Market


Market Segmentation
New Installations Growth by Value & Volume
New Installations Segmentation
Total Installed Base
Service Market
Geographic Breakdown
Cost Structure


3. E&E Market - Country Analysis


3.1 Escalator and Elevator Market in the US


Market Overview
Units Installed per Annum


3.2 Escalator and Elevator Market in Europe


New Equipment Market
Service Market

3.3 Escalator and Elevator Market in China


Market Volume Growth
New Installations Segmentation


3.4 Escalator and Elevator Market in India


New Installations
Market Segments
Market Outlook


3.5 Escalator and Elevator Market in the Middle East


Market Overview
New Installations


3.6 Escalator and Elevator Market in the Southern Asia


Market Overview
New Installations


4. Key Trends


4.1 Prospective Growth Opportunity in E&E Maintenance Market
4.2 Growing Awareness Related to Environment
4.3 Growing Popularity of Shopping Malls and Multiplexes


5. Growth Drivers


5.1 Increasing Urbanization
5.2 Increasing Construction Spending
5.3 Improving Worldwide Economy


6. Challenges


6.1 Growing Safety Issues
6.2 Minimal Growth of E&E New Equipment Market in Developed Countries


7. Competitive Landscape


7.1 Global Competitive Landscape
7.2 Competitive Landscape in China
7.3 Competitive Landscape in India


8. Company Profiles


8.1 United Technologies Corporation


Business Description
Key Financials
Business Strategies
Achieving Maximum Energy Efficiency
Conservation of Global Environment


8.2 Schindler Holding Ltd


Business Description
Key Financials
Business Strategies
Leadership through Customer Service
Ensuring Clean and Sustainable Mobility


8.3 KONE Corp


Business Description
Key Financials
Business Strategies
Strong Impetus on R&D
Superior Personnel Management


8.4 ThyssenKrupp Group


Business Description
Key Financials
Business Strategies
Value Based Management Approach
Business Integration Strategy


9. Market Outlook


9.1 Market Forecast
9.2 Forecast Methodology


9.2.1 Dependent and Independent Variables
9.2.2 Correlation Analysis
9.2.3 Regression Analysis 

List of Charts


Life Cycle of the E&E Market Equipments
Supply Chain Analysis
E&E Value Chain Analysis
Global E&E Market Segments by Unit Sales, 2011
Global E&E New Installations by Value, 2003-2011
Global E&E New Installations by Volume, 2003-2011
Global E&E Service Market, 2008A-2011E
Geographic Mix of Global E&E New Installation by Volume, 2011
Global E&E Installed Base, 2005-2010
Global E&E Installed Base by Geographic Regions, 2010
Global E&E Market Segments by Value, 2011
Global New Installations E&E Market – Volume Share by Segments, 2010
Global New Installations E&E Market – Value Share by Segments, 2010
Average value per Unit of Elevators & Escalators by Segments, 2011
E&E Average Unit Value by Geographic Region, 2003-2011
Cost Structure of E&E Maintenance Business, 2011
E&E Units Installed per Annum in the US, 2005 vs. 2010
New Equipment Market Size in Central and North Europe, 2011
Equipment Service Market Size in Central and North Europe, 2011
E&E Market in China by Volume, 2006-2011
Chinese E&E Maintenance Market by Provider, 2011
New Installations in the Chinese E&E Market by Type, 2011
E&E New Installation in India, 2003-2011
E&E Market Segments by Volume in India, 2011
Elevator Market in India by Type, 2011
Outlook of Indian E&E Market by New Installations, 2011A-2016F
E&E New Installations in the Middle East, 2012A vs. 2015E
E&E New Installations in Southern Asia, 2012A vs. 2015E
Worldwide Urban Population, 2005-2012E
Worldwide Construction Spending, 2007-2011
Worldwide Gross National Income per Capita, 2005-2011
Market Share of Major Players in Global E&E New Installations, 2011
Global Elevator & Escalator Maintenance Base by Key Players, 2010
Growth of E&E OEM Quarterly Organic Revenue, 1Q11-1Q12
Revenue per Employee of Major E&E Players, 2007-2011
Chinese E&E Market Shares by Volume, 2011
Market Share of Major Players in New Installations of E&E by Units in India, 2011
Share of Major Players in the Indian E&E Maintenance Market by Value, 2011
Revenue of UTC by Reportable Segments, 2011
Net Sales and Net Income of UTC, 2007-2011
Invoiced Sales of Schindler by Geographic Segments, 2011
Revenues and Net Income of Schindler, 2007-2011
Nets Sales of KONE Corporation by Geographic Segments, 2011
Net Sales and Net Income of KONE Corporation, 2007-2011
Net Sales of ThyssenKrupp by Reportable Segments, 2011
Net Sales and Net Income of ThyssenKrupp, 2007-2011
Global E&E New Installations Market Forecast, 2011A-2015E


List of Tables


Dependent & Independent Variables, 2007 – 2011
Correlation Matrix
Model Summary – Coefficient of Determination
Regression Coefficients Output

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