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Koncept Analytics offers comprehensive business research services to influential corporates and organizations across the globe. We basically prepare industry research reports in order to help clients take decision to strengthen and grow their market presence.


Koncept Analytics has marked a niche among research & consulting companies as it offers cutting-edge solutions to meet consumer and business-to-business needs...


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Date: 21, September 2018 | Pages: 68 | Price : $800 | Format : Pdf

Coal is a readily combustible black (or brownish black) sedimentary rock primarily composed of carbon. There are a vario..

Date: 19, September 2018 | Pages: 82 | Price : $900 | Format : Pdf

Diagnosis is the identification of the nature and cause of a certain phenomenon. It involves two different types of test..

Date: 17, September 2018 | Pages: 87 | Price : $900 | Format : Pdf

Outdoor leisure industry is a very lucrative market since engaging in recreational activities can boost confidence level..

Date: 14, September 2018 | Pages: 93 | Price : $1000 | Format : Pdf

The shift in consumer preference from traditional brick and mortar stores to online shopping has revolutionized the reta..

1 Koncept Analytics did excellent research with great value for the investment. I would strongly recommend them to anyone looking for secondary market research 1
Research & DevelopmentIndonesian Energy Company
1 The group found the studies undertaken by Koncept Analytics to be beneficial in providing a clearer view of current market trends and understanding of our competitors 1
Strategy AnalystGerman Logistics Group
1 We were able to quickly launch our new product range in the emerging economies of Asia because of Koncept Analytics capability to provide comprehensive industry research reports to help us understand the market forces prevalent in the region 1
Business DevelopmentGlobal Cosmetics Company
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